About the programme

A Good Life
with Diabetes

Learning ways to cope with diabetes

This online interactive programme was designed to help people with diabetes to cope with mood problems, negative emotions and everyday stresses that affect behaviour. The programme has eight modules introducing ideas and suggestions on ways to think more positively and to develop ways of coping. The modules explore how to relax and control negative thoughts, to focus on enjoyable activities now and in the future, and to deal with worries. Learning skills to become more assertive and communicate more effectively with others is also helpful in avoiding gloominess and accepting daily events without descending into depression. One week is allowed for each module, so there is plenty of time to think about the suggestions and put them into practice. Alongside the reading and video stories illustrating the ideas, homework exercises are required, which always include keeping a diary of mood throughout the whole programme.

  • Provides a solid, long-term resource for improving the patient skills needed for coping with diabetes
  • Learning to maintain a more positive quality of life contributes to better self-management and better glycaemic control
  • This will result in better clinical outcomes over time; achieved with low-cost intervention.