The International DAWN Award 2009
At the 4th International DAWN Summit, Novo Nordisk announced the DAWN Award 2009. Individuals, research centres as well as non-governmental organizations can apply for the DAWN Award of 15.000 EURO by June 30th 2009. This year the award will focus on projects and activities that can improve the lives of young people with diabetes and their families. Read more

The 4th International DAWN Summit 2008
At the DAWN Summit/TPE congress on November 6th 2008, more than 600 leading experts from 40 countries were sharing visions, successful projects, and state of art patient research. The evaluation showed that 89% said the Summit had improved their understanding of psychosocial and self-management support needs of people with diabetes and the tools to address them. Read more

Insulin Dialogue tool at FEND
New patient-centred strategies and practical tools for addressing psychosocial barriers to effective therapy were introduced at the satellite symposium: “New Tools for Changing Diabetes Therapy” held at the 13th Annual FEND. This included the exciting new DAWN Insulin dialogue tool. Read more

New website for the DAWN MIND study
The DAWN MIND study is about Monitoring Individual Needs in Diabetes and aims to implement and evaluate monitoring of well-being in diabetes patients, as part of routine diabetes care. The newly launched DAWN MIND website provides a sharepoint for the 18 participating centres.
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New DAWN Youth website launched
The DAWN Youth initiative now has its own website, which was launched at the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD) Annual Meeting in Berlin. Please visit our website and let us know what you think.
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The 4th International DAWN Summit 2008
We are delighted to announce that the early planning of the 4th DAWN Summit has now commenced. The 4th DAWN International Summit will take place on  November 6, 2008 in Budapest, Hungary.
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Unique minority supporting programmes highlighted with the DAWN Award 2006
This year's DAWN Award was given to Dr. Lubna Kerr, who has established a support programme in Scotland for ethnic minorities failing to manage their diabetes in a primary care setting. 
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US Website includes DAWN learnings
New US website personalises approach to managing diabetes using the DAWN learnings.
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National DAWN project in France
French healthcare professionals encouraged to focus on the wellbeing of patients.
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UN Resolution on Diabetes passed!!!
On Dec 20th a UN Resolution on diabetes was passed, calling upon countries worldwide to increase focus on the prevention, treatment and care for diabetes. This is a welcome opportunity to raise advocacy and awareness for the need to address the attitudes, wishes and needs of people with diabetes and those at risk world-wide. Click here to read more

DAWN present at the IDF congress in Cape Town
At the IDF congress DAWN was highlighted in the official scientific programme with a presentation by Professor Frank Snoek on "Global implications of the DAWN study".

The first step of the DAWN Youth journey was taken in Cape Town
The first step of  the DAWN Youth journey for better health and quality of life of youth with diabetes or at risk was taken during the IDF Congress in Cape Town. Starting in 2007, the IDF year of the child with diabetes, world-wide efforts will seek to address the unique needs of youth with diabetes and those at risk. Click here to read more

New international DAWN world map
We have added an interactive DAWN world map to the website. The world map highlights DAWN initiatives and actions around the world to facilitate a global exchange of experiences and expert networking to stimulate widespread implementation of the DAWN Call to Action. Click here to access

DAWN Newsletter 2006 fresh from print!
Get inspired by the many new DAWN initiatives around the world in terms of awareness building, empowerment of people with diabetes, educational programmes, new practical tools, policy change approaches and new psychosocial research. Read more

New DAWN publications about the 3rd DAWN Summit
Two different publications with key highlights from the 3rd International DAWN Summit recently published in Diabetes Voice and in Practical Diabetes International. Click here to access

The 3rd DAWN International Summit 2006
More than 900 world diabetes experts from 64 countries made their way to Florence, Italy for the 3rd DAWN International Summit in April, where they shared insights and new developments in the delivery of patient-centred care from around the world. Read more

The International DAWN Award 2006
At the 3rd International DAWN Summit, Novo Nordisk announced the DAWN Award 2006. Individuals, research centres as well as non-governmental organizations can apply for the DAWN Award of 15.000 EURO by October 1st 2006. This year the award will go to outstanding activities that empower people with diabetes in disadvantaged minority populations. Read more

New DAWN publications
New international DAWN study findings now published in Diabetes Care. All DAWN references are available online. Click here to access

Historic DAWN agreement in Italy
Read about the Italian initiative

Launch of new Japanese DAWN website
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Legislative development in the CIS countries
Read about the Russian initiative

DAWN Youth camp in Germany
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