Videos and Infographics

At the 5th International DAWN Summit, insights from the DAWN2TM study provided a platform for taking action towards person-centred care. Below you will find videos and infographics that introduce the key themes from the study and the importance of listening to the voice of people with diabetes and their caregivers.

DAWN Summit videos


Watch the DAWN2tm introduction video to learn more about the study and the findings

Jerri Davis from the US is living with type 2 diabetes. Together with her husband Thomas she joined the 5th DAWN Summit. Hear their perspectives on how to improve the life of people with diabetes and their families.

DAWN2 study infographics

The infographics highlight the 6 key themes from the DAWN2tm study. Please feel free to download and use as part of your diabetes care and advocacy activities.


  • Diabetes and the burden on daily life(PDF)
  • Diabetes and the importance of family(PDF)
  • Diabetes and self-management(PDF)
  • Diabetes and the value of education(PDF)
  • Diabetes and the need For psychosocial support(PDF)
  • Diabetes and discrimination(PDF)