Dialogue tools for healthcare professionals

Tools to improve participation and communication in diabetes management

During the Summit, interactive exhibits featured a range of dialogue tools and provided the opportunity for delegates to express their needs for tools and resources.

In response to the invaluable input from Summit delegates, key dialogue tools from the DAWN Summit are now available here for download and local adaptation and use.

The tools here are intended to assist and inspire diabetes professionals in facilitating a dialogue-based approach to education and care for people with diabetes - recognizing that people with diabetes are invaluable and equal partners in the care process.

If you would like to translate the tools into your local language, please contact nlda@novonordisk.com.

Download overview of all the tools and a brief introduction to each tool.

Reflection and experience tools

Exercises that are suitable for initial dialogue about the challenges that diabetes causes people with diabetes.

Motivation and goal-setting tools

Exercises to identify realistic goals and to design treatment plans for individual people with diabetes.

Knowledge and learning tools

Exercises that address specific issues relatate to understanding and regulating type 2 diabetes and experiences of and the need for social support.

Quality of life assessment tools

Quality of Life Assessment Tools: Exercises for assessment, evaluation and monitoring on psychosocial well-being as part of the diabetes care.

*These tools are part af a larger patient education concept called Empowerment, Motivation & Medical Adherence (EMMA) developed by Steno Diabetes Center,which focuses on optimising and implementing medical treatment for people with diabetes
**These tools are part of a larger patient education concept called In BalancewithChronic Illness developed ',Steno Diabetes Center, which focuses on achieving person-centred and dialogue-based patient education targeting peaplewith chronic illnesses
*** These tools are part of a larger collection of tools which have been developed as part of the DAWN initiative to use in clinics for the assessment, evaluation and monitoring of psychosocial well-being as part afthediabetes care