The 5th International DAWN Summit

The 5th International DAWN Summit 2014 took place on 7-8. April 2014 in Netherlands. Under the heading of "Acting together to make person-centred diabetes care a reality", the 5th International DAWN Summit brought together more than 250 leading experts, policy makers, researchers, clinicians, patient advocates, people with diabetes,family members representing 33 countries from around the world.

Videos and Infographics

DAWN summit videos and materials to inspire actiontowards person-centred diabetes care.

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Dialogue tools for healthcare professionals

Concrete dialogue tools for healthcare professionals to enable person-centred diabetes care.

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Country posters and cases

Inspirational cases from around the world to inspire on how to bring person-centred diabetes care to life.

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Outcome and follow up

Global action framework to guide improvements in communication, education and psycho-social support.

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