The 5th International DAWN Summit

The 5th International DAWN Summit

The 5th International DAWN Summit 2014 takes place on 7-8 April 2014 in Netherlands. Under the heading of “Acting together to make person-centred diabetes care a reality”, the 5th International DAWN Summit will bring together more than 250 leading experts, policy makers, researchers, clinicians, patient advocates, people with diabetes, family members representing 33 countries from around the world.

Building on more than a decade of global advocacy efforts of the DAWN initiative, the 5th International DAWN Summit aims to provide a unique opportunity to work together to enable people with diabetes to live and manage a full and healthy lives. Now is the time to initiate partnership action to better engage, educate and support people with diabetes and their families to improve diabetes outcomes.

The aim of the summit is to stimulate concrete new actions that will make a real difference to the lives of people with diabetes, with person-centred care becoming a reality by:

  • Defining strategies required to advance access to person-centred diabetes care world-wide, focusing on the practical steps that can be taken in each country to enable broad collaboration with people with diabetes at the centre
  • Facilitating better practice sharing among national and regional DAWN2 working groups and organisations involved in person-centred diabetes care
  • Defining concrete targets and indicators for measuring progress over time at national and global level, taking the DAWN2 study global results and research framework as a starting point

Outcomes and follow up:

  • Global goals for global action based on DAWN2 study
  • Recommendations for practical steps for partnership action to advance person-centred diabetes care
  • Scientific indicators for monitoring progress over time
  • Identification of new solutions, tools and best practices

We hope this Summit will help bring about new action by clarifying key goals, strategies and common indicators for monitoring outcomes over time for person-centred diabetes care and facilitating sharing of tools and experiences across countries.

Please click the link to see the multimedia news release including video.

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