DAWN Community

Ways to take action in your country
  • Work with your healthcare team to find local solutions to problems
  • Lead the way as a peer supporter and volunteer to help newly diagnosed or people who have difficulties coping with their condition
  • Set up your personal website, blog, video sharing activities
  • Recruit other ambassadors to speak out about their diabetes
  • Raise awareness of diabetes and about the rights and duties of people with diabetes
  • Create a youth panel with support from Novo Nordisk in your country
  • Be active in your local diabetes organization
  • Lead local research activities: Interview school administrators, professionals, and policy-makers about how to address DAWN findings
  • Set up DAWN Youth workshops at schools, organizations
  • Get the School Challenge going to help prevent obesity in children
  • Contact the media - write Articles
  • Volunteer to take part in DAWN training programmes for healthcare professionals to teach them the other part of diabetes management